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Thread: Not able to get into game

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    Are you able to create another character on a different server without any problems?

    Or does that still get stuck at 99%?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattp169 View Post
    clear cache
    clear flash cache
    update flash
    and this is how you do it

    The way to clear the browser cache is different for every browser. If you need help for a specific browser post the one that you need help with and we can tell you how to do it.

    The Flash cache is cleared at and then clicking on "Delete all sites". You can also right click anywhere on the game screen and select Global settings. Where you go after that is different depending on the browser you are using. In some is referred as Local Storage and in others Website Storage Settings. In at least one browser (Maxthon Cloud Browser) right clicking does nothing.

    Shut down and restart the browser after doing that. It may not fix your problem but it is worth a try.

    You may also want to see if your Flash is downlevel. To do that right click anywhere on the game window and select "About Adobe Flash" It will open up a new tab with the info on the level available. If right clicking foes not give you a pop up menu, go to this web page for version information

    If none of that helps, and you are using a laptop, try going to a different place that uses a different ISP. If it works there, then there is an issue with your ISP. Contact them.
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    So it wasn't only me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batalanto_1524054 View Post
    So it wasn't only me...
    This post was from 3 months ago. Flash cache problems are common in browser based games, just follow the advice Andy gave and hopefully it will fix it.

    Closing thread for necro'd

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