I realize that neither Warriors top player, nor their host, give a

dam about their smaller players, but i would like to believe more out of you sir. The war is over, NoMercy (with the help of some friends) has returned victorious to their homeland, 2 options now follow for the vanquished Warriors, the first (as we are seeing now), is the bitter clinging to what was while members quit for other
guilds or simply quit all together. The second, would be to join in peace and prosperity of this new era of server6, an era where all controlling guilds have peace at sea, and all continue to learn and grow under a caring and knowledgable leadership.

The ones truely effected right now as often happens in war, are the small, the weak and those struggling to grow and learn. Its time to bury the hatchet my friend, for the benifit of those who are in most need of help. NoMercy, now under the better guidance of BC158 would love to accept you all to share in our benefits and knowledge. Think on this sir, and not for youself as your current leaders do, but for others....

So this is the propaganda that Obadiah sent to me., I have been with the Warriors almost since the beginning , I didnt jump into guild to get rewards. The Warriors are a friendly group, full of diversity. This can happen to any server on Tynon.